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Our SENCOs are: Mrs Joanna Eade and Miss Helena Smith

Our Inclusion Lead is: Mrs Donna Callaghan


or call the school on: 020 8684 3497

Many children have an ‘additional need’ at some stage of their school career - though this may only be of a temporary nature and may be emotional, physical or intellectual. There are also those pupils, as highlighted by the Education Act 1989, who have a specific learning difficulty.

The class teacher, who is in close and daily contact with the children, is primarily responsible for identifying, assessing and providing a programme of study to meet the needs of any pupils with additional needs. Typically, children with learning difficulties would receive extra support within a small group from a member of the teaching or support staff. Careful records are kept of targets for individual children and the progress they make. These are reviewed on a regular basis.
Following consultation with parents, individual children may be referred to the Educational Psychologist or one of the other health and education outside agencies which form part of the wider educational network. 
A unified, systematic approach is essential within the school to ensure all-round support, continuity and an effective structure for communicating with parents. The DFE ‘Code of Practice’ and our own Special Needs Policy (based on the Government's Code of Practice, 2014) provide the framework for these processes Provision for pupils with additional needs is coordinated by the school’s Assistant Heads for Inclusion/SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).