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West Thornton Primary School

Election of parent governor

Dear Parent/ Carer

Election of parent governor

The role of a school governor is extremely important and many essential decisions about this school are taken by our Governing Board.  School governors work together with the school leadership team to continually improve the education for every child at our school. 

I have received nominations from six parents who are willing to become school governors.  I hope you will vote in the election to select one parent governor. The parent elected by you will serve as a parent governor for four years.

Please read the personal statements carefully and bearing in mind the role of the school governor, choose the candidate you feel would be best suited to the position.  

Parent Governor Election Voting Instructions

  • Voting will close on Wednesday 21 October 2020.

  • In the event of a tie the returning officer will decide the election by the drawing of lots.

  • Votes will be counted on Wednesday 21st October 2020 the result will be announced by Thursday, 22nd October on the website and in the school newsletter.

 I hope you will participate,  the governing body plays a key role in keeping our children safe, supporting and holding leaders to account.

Please scroll down to read all SIX statements and at the end of the statements you will find the form where you can select our preferred candidate. 

Yours sincerely

Julie Newman

Clerk to Governing Body and Returning Officer

Candidates’ personal statements 

Personal statement for Sabaa Asim Aslam

What Can I say in a short snap that would make you think…Vote for her!

Like you, I have a child at West Thornton and am still trying to measure the impact this last year has had on my child’s learning and wellbeing.

As we adapt to the ‘new normal’ its fundamental the ongoing changes have a positive impact on the school environment. That means supporting new initiatives for progression, but also retaining consistency with what already works, to reduce the chance of overwhelming our children.

I’ve worked in higher education for nearly 10 years, & currently the treasurer of the PTA. If I’m voted parent governor for WT, I will endeavour to curate new ways of collaboration and cohesion between parents & teachers…because now more than ever we must work together!

Come and talk to me if you find me, I’d love to hear from you.

Personal statement for Rohina Ibrahim Aziz

I am looking to gain a career in this field. I have 3 children & have also brought all my nieces up which is where my passion comes from. I have the preamble skills to work as a part of a team and work on my own, I would love to see the school develop, as well as the kids’ curriculum and changes for the best.

Having kids of my own has made me realise the importance of being a role model.  Being young I feel I can relate to children at all ages and have more of an understanding of how kids are in this day and age. I would appreciate it if I could have the opportunity to put my skills into action and show we can all work together for the best, especially with how much disruption all our kids have been through this year with Covid.

Personal statement for Suregah Balachandran

Education is one of the best foundations that any child can receive in their lifetime. Being a full time working mum with two children, I am truly passionate and have a desire to ensure that every child gets the best possible education and opportunity to succeed in life. During schooling year, I myself had an opportunity to be nominated as senior student representative and have gained vast experience in attending regular meetings with governors, teachers and parents and was responsible for planning and leading meetings to communicate the vision of the society with local council.

If successfully nominated as a parent governor, I promise to fully support the school needs during the transition to Inspire Partnership Trust. I will take an approach to raise questions and challenge not only to achieve targets for every child but to also continuously strive to exceed to give the children a good learning experience.

Personal statement for Maria Chiara D’Argenio

I would like to become a Governor because I am passionate about education and because I want parents to play a more active role in supporting West Thornton Academy. I am a teacher and lecturer, and the mum of Fabrizio and Arianna, both attending the school. My primary aim as a Governor would be to follow closely the changes the school is undergoing and promote a new relationship between the school and the parents. Given the current circumstances, it is crucial that all of us parents are supportive interlocutors of the school and voice our suggestions and concerns. I have already been quite active in this. Thanks to my feedback on the zoom lessons and my formal letter to the leaders regarding the September closure, the school changed its initial decisions; this is a sign that parents’ proactive and constructive attitude can be beneficial for the school and our children.

Personal statement for Cherise McDonald

My daughter is currently in year 2 at Canterbury Road. I work full time as a co-director at an estate agency, as well running my own cleaning business. I gained experience in working as a team, supporting others, and being involved in monitoring the standards of staff for the team to succeed hopefully being a transferrable skill to monitoring the governing board.

I would like to be a parent governor I have a strong belief in giving all children the maximum opportunity to discover their full potential through education as well as extra curriculum activities, whatever their background.

I now have the time to devote my skills to an area I feel passionate about with the required commitment and enthusiasm  as well as being prepared to learn new skills I would like to be given a chance to help develop West Thornton at such a crucial turning point.

Personal statement for Sarah Mckenzie

I would like to be elected as a West Thornton Primary School Governor to offer my unique skills and insight and help steer the direction of the school for years to come. 

I am a dedicated Civil Servant currently delivering the school values in my professional life. I have extensive experience working with schools as a Pastoral Lead, Social Services supporting Looked After young people and Charities working to send at risk children to summer camps, children that would not have been able to have a holiday otherwise. I strive to improve the opportunities of children and young people believing engagement between home and school is invaluable. 

My daughter has recently started reception here and I have another in nursery eager to follow so I have a vested interest in supporting the school to provide an excellent and well-rounded education for all pupils (both present and those still to come).

Complete the form on the link below and select the button against the name of the candidate for whom you wish to vote