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West Thornton Primary School

Remote Learning Information for Parents & Carers

Remote learning provision 

Where pupils need to remain at home, we will be offering immediate remote education so that pupils are given the support they need to master the curriculum and to make good progress.

How will we do this?

We will be uploading weekly home learning packs that are linked to our school plans. Should your child need to self isolate, you will be able to log onto Google Classroom and access this learning immediately.

In the event of a bubble collapse or lock down, the online learning packs will be accompanied by daily lessons that will be uploaded onto Google Classroom. The lessons will usually be in the form of a slide presentation with voice overs. The aim of this is to provide the children with explicit modelling and scaffolding of key concepts. The lessons will be in bite size chunks where key vocabulary and concepts are modelled for the children.

There will be three hours of learning provided for EYFs and Key Stage One and four hours for Key Stage Two.

Parents and pupils will be able to upload work onto Google Classroom so that teachers can give specific feedback to children and the class, and so that learning and outcomes can be shared and celebrated.

We will be sharing the usernames and passwords for Google Classroom during the first week back after half term (early November 2020). We will also be sending home instructions in video and on paper which will explain and demonstrate how to use Google Classroom.

In the event of any closure we will keep in touch with all families via phone calls, emails, tweets and video links. Families who require support with access to devices should contact the school office.  We will also ask parents to contact school if you need support with learning or free school meals. 

Remote learning safeguarding points:

  • Parents should;
    • Take an active interest in their child’s learning
    • Monitor communication and online activity
    • Establish a daily routine
    • Encourage screen breaks away from devices
    • Implement safety controls and privacy controls on apps and software
    • Maintain feedback with teachers
    • Ensure that you only link to Zoom calls that come from an official school account
    • Blur your background or use a background picture
    • Monitor your child’s well being and mental health

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Stephen Schwartz. Please contact the school if you wish to speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

If you do have any questions then please do contact the school office by phone or email.