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West Thornton Primary School

Weekly homework

Following feedback from parents, we have reviewed our approach to weekly homework. We recognise that parents are keen to be involved with pupils’ learning in school and support their progress. We want to support this by making sure that our approach to setting homework is consistent in all classes and year groups, and that it reflects the learning that has taken place in class each week.

Homework is given out in Years 1-6 every Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. The format used for homework will be the same for all year groups and will include:

  • Spellings or phonics practice
  • English
  • Maths
  • Times tables practice

This is alongside reading with your child, which we recommend you do every evening.

The children are provided with home learning books in which they will complete their weekly homework. Children should write using pencil (not coloured pencil or felt tip) and present their work neatly, using their best handwriting as they would be expected to do at school, and using rulers for all lines and crossing out mistakes neatly.

Teachers will keep track of who is returning their homework each Wednesday and celebrate this with children. There is, however, no expectation for teachers to mark homework. Teachers will focus on giving timely, ‘live’ feedback to children on the learning they complete in class. The purpose of the homework is for you to be involved with your child’s learning and support what they have being doing in school; there will be no ‘new’ learning as the homework activities will consolidate learning that has happened that week. Teachers will know from their ongoing assessments in class how the children are getting on with this learning.

We thank you for your continued support. Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions.